Wednesday, June 14, 2017:

Wednesday – Pre-Conference Session Description

Amanda Lueck Ppt#1 notes

Amanda Lueck Ppt#2 notes

Amanda Lueck Ppt#3 notes

Amanda Lueck Handouts Froms Tables

LUECK Handouts Forms/Tables

Gordon Dutton, Sylvia Chokron Journal Review Article

Gordon Dutton – CVI Scotland

Allison Sedey – Predictors_Progress_Item Analysis

Allison Sedey – item order-table_CDI

Thursday, June 15, 2017:

Thursday Conference, Day 1, Deaf HH Session Description

Thursday Conference, Day 1, Blind VI Session Description

Thursday Conference, Day 1, Deafblind Session Description

Linda Lawrence – ZikaCareConnect_Factsheet

Linda Lawrence – Pediatric Ophthalmology Updates from Across the Globe

Linda Lawrence – ONH Health Plan Trial Version

Catherine Creamer PowerPoint

Catherine Creamer handouts

Jodee Crace – It all Matters for the Babies

Catherine Smyth, Carol Spicer handouts

DeEtte Synder handout

MaryAnn Demchak -Choice Diversity Worksheet

MaryAnn Demchak – Self-Determination session

MaryAnn Demchak – NDSIP Newsletter Self-Determination Article

MaryAnn Demchak – Choice Making

Teresa Caraway – Hearing First – LSL Strategies

Teresa Caraway – Serve And Return

Dinah Beams (LENA)

Julie Maner – PowerPoint – Implementing the B6 OM Inv in EI handout

Tracey Gaver – IMHVI handouts

Shanna M. Mortensen-Dewsnup deafblind presentation

Want to Play? Methods for Engagement and Learning for Young Children with Deafblindness handout

Friday, June 16, 2017:

Friday, Conference Day 2, Blind VI Session Description

Friday, Conference Day 2, Deaf HH Session Description

Joe DeBonis PowerPoint

Joe DeBonis – Questions_That_Encourage_Problem_Solving

Joe DeBonis – Our Battle with Time

Luanne Stordahl – ECC for Birth to Three Handout 1

Luanne Stordahl – ECC for Birth to Three Handout 2

Christie Yoshinaga Itano vestibular disorders handouts

Michelle Ahern, Tina Shartzer PowerPoint

Kitty Edstrand Activity Form

Kitty Edstrand Activity Form – example

Kitty Edstrand Activity lesson plan